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Make all clean a complete solution for your cloth and shoe Laundry – Come explore our wide range of services!!!

Even after we are in 21 st century we are having advanced technology, we still
follow the age old system of washing clothes as we have seen our
grandmothers and mothers…1…2…3….Soaking..Washing..Drying…Stop!!!!
Ask yourself Why?
In the market we get wide range of cloth materials available, which are
specially designed to suit our specific needs, so their cleaning process also
must be different .Just like our clothes our foot wears cleaning process also
must be different…. Isn’t it obvious?
Don’t panic… Trust us…… We are there to help you…

Our specially designed sensored heavy machines detect the cloth material
and solvent best suited to them. Not just that it also specifies the amount of
detergent to be used to clean your clothes and shoes….
Do you really have the time to research minutely about cloth and shoes
maintenance, how to best iron them, how to starch them, how to dry clean
them? We know how busy you are. Make All Clean will make it all easy for
you from the scratch to the finishing line.

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